Monday, October 27, 2008

Autumn Activities

I think a better title for this post would be "The post with a zillion pictures" So bear with me here. I have been so focused on my marathon and wrapped up in myself, I haven't been posting pic of my gorgeous little boys. So here are a bunch of us doing various Autumn/Halloween activities.

The boys and I made tiny little cakes and decorated them for Halloween. Christopher chowed his down faster then he could decorate it!

A couple of weeks ago I went with Vinnie's preschool class to the pumpkin patch. Being home from work has given me the ability to do so much more with the kids. I will miss that freedom when I go back (don't even ask when that will be. That is fodder for another post!)

Vincent with his best friend Maximilien at the pumpkin patch.

My poor boys in their long sleeved black t-shirts. It must have been 85 deg out that day!

Last Friday Vincent's preschool had their Halloween parade and party. Here is Vinnie with his friends. Vincent is Darth Vader so you can't actually see him! For all I know he is glaring at me under there.

Friday night was the annual Pumpkin Bust at the elementary school. It is our 5th year at this little shin dig. Peter and I have figured out we will be attending this event non stop until the year 2017. God help us.

This is the cake I made for the cake walk. I always enjoy making these. (Although ask me by the year 2017 how much I enjoy it!)
Vincent and Joey at the Pumpkin Bust.

Christopher waiting for his special blankie to come out of the wash. This has nothing to do with Halloween, but was too stinkin' cute not to include!

After church on Sunday Pete and I took all the boys to the pumpkin patch. Which means they all wore their skull/skeleton shirts to church. I hope God didn't mind. I was going to ask Suzie if it was OK, but didn't want to hear her say no!

Vincent on the pumpkin train.

Again, it must have been 80 deg out! What is up with the weather?!

Which takes us to last night. Every year we are invited to the Country Club by one of Pete's sisters for their Halloween party. It is a total blast for the kids, and great eating for the parents. Here we are in our costumes.

I think it is fitting that Vincent is Darth Vader and Joey is his enemy, Obi Wan Kenobi. Lately these two bicker constantly!
I am most proud of Zach's costume. I went to countless thrift stores to find all the pieces for his Joker costume. I will get a more close up shot of his awesome face paint (done by me!) on Halloween. Trust me when I say he looked great!
Christopher once again recycling the skeleton costume. A devil would have been more apropo!

Even I dressed up for the party. When the boys asked Peter what his costume was, Pete stated "A Dad!" Party pooper is more like it.
We had some tired boys after the party!


Anonymous said...

Great costumes, what do you mean Christopher should have been a devil he looks like an angel to grandma. You did an awesome job on Zachary's make-up

Love Mom

Suzanne said...

2017? Eh gads! It's a good thing you like your community and the boys' school. Just think of it as nine more years of good networking.

Zach does look fantastic and those are some swanky witch shoes!

Glad to see all the pictures and that you went to church before the pumpkin patch. ;-)

Kimber said...

Awesome costumes. Love that joker!!

Andrea said...

LOVE the pictures! And I would not say that is a "zillion pictures" puh-lease I post a zillion each time I blog, LOL!

Love the pumpkin patch pictures and the costumes, especially the joker--so clever!

cardiogirl said...

I'm like your husband. My costume (all the time) is beleaguered mother. But no one appreciates the effort that goes into it.

Stacey said...

Great pictures. I love the picture of Christopher in front to the dryer. That is priceless. You have very handsome boys.