Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Chatter

Joey: "Are you and Dad voting for Barack Obama?"

Me: "Yes, Why?"

Joey: "Dustin says if Barack Obama wins we won't be able to play baseball and soccer anymore because he is going to take all the money"


At our polling place this morning, Vincent was looking around, taking everything in. He pulled me down to whisper in my ear.

Vincent: "Mom, Where is Rock Obama? Is he here?"


At preschool pick-up this morning I was informed by Vincent's teacher that he led the class in a chant of "Go Block Obama! Go Block Obama!"

One classmate did not join in as his parents voted for McCain.

The teachers were quite impressed that he was aware of the election and knew (sort of) Barack's name. (I didn't mention to her that he calls McCain "that other guy")


While watching the results tonight Zachary noticed that Obama won Illinois.

"Look," Zachary said, "he won Illinois. That's because he has home field advantage there."


Zachary and Joey's reaction upon hearing that Obama won the election

What an incredible, historic night!


Suzanne said...

Home field advantage. That's cute!

Eudea-Mamia said...

OK, now that's just so sweet - and I voted for McCain ;-).

A dear friend of mine's kiddo got a bad mark on his behavior chart this past Monday, because it seems that McCain "won" in his class election, so he took it upon himself to stump for Obama during quiet time.

Got to love an enthusiastic kindergartener!


Dorthy Contini said...

Cute blog. I did a google search for Contini...and your blog was a site that came up. I'm married to John Contini, who was raised in Memphis, Tennessee. We now live in Kentucky...and the Contini name isn't common around here! :)