Saturday, November 15, 2008

The party's over boys!

My house is frequently a mess. I vascilate from acceptance that life with 4 boys is messy and will get better (when they all go to college!) to complete irritation at it all. Pete and I haven't been very good at making the boys do more around here to help out. Pete grew up the youngest of 7 kids, and had to do alot more for himself then I had to (that is what he says anyway). I only had one sister, and my mom stayed at home, so I have to admit, she did everything for us. I do remember having chores as a teenager, but I do not remember them when I was younger.

I have to admit, it is mostly laziness on my part that explains why our boys don't do more. Let's face it-- It is faster and easier to just pick up the toy room myself, then to hear them whine about it. Problem is, I am getting tired. I just can't keep up anymore.

So, we are working on a chore system. Each boy (well,not the baby) has a chart with chores listed on it. They get a check mark for doing said chore. If they whine or complain about doing the chore, they do not get a check (but still have to do the task). Can you tell I am fed up with the whining!? I have at times erased points for particularly annoying behavior. They save up points to spend at the "points store". Since Zachary is able to earn more points, each item "costs" him more then Joey, who also has to "pay" more for things then Vinnie. We still have some work to do, but I think we are making progress. I am trying to think of more things to add to the store. I am open to suggestions, on both the chores and points store!

The charts below. They have to get cleared prior to marking a task off.

The Points Store. The different points values apply to the different kids. They haven't proven very good at saving, so I doubt I will ever have to pony up a trip to In and Out!


Eudea-Mamia said...

I'm so stealing this!!!

I had to have a little CTM (come to mama) chat yesterday with both of them treating me like a man servant, or Boy Servant as the case may be.

There's a fine line between doing things in the name of love and being a complete sucker.

Congrats on finding your solution.


Andrea said...

Sounds like a great plan Michelle! Jaden has a few jobs, but I haven't really rewarded him with anything yet. Really his only job is to pick up the playroom. I just use it as a bribe/threat "When you pick up the playroom, then you can eat your dinner" LOL! Your plan seems much better!

The only thing I could suggest is some other non-food related rewards that your boys like. . . maybe something cheap like a pack of baseball/pokemon cards?

Stacey said...

I have been trying to do the same thing. But I just need to make the charts. I like the point system. I will have to use that.

Kimber said...

Excellent idea.

Suzanne said...

Good for you!

Funny you should talk about this because I have been thinking of how to encourage my boys to be more independent. I am going to reorganize part of the freezer so Walker can make his own breakfast and start insisting (gently) that Mason put on his own shoes.

I'm all for rewards like yours so I'll mull over the idea and see if I can come up with any contributions.

cardiogirl said...

That's an impressive system. And it verifies how I've been doing things over here.

I usually clean up after them or have to bark out orders to make them clean while listening to them complain.

I'll be interested to see if anyone makes it to In and Out. Keep us posted.

Fran said...

With 4 guys vying for attention, maybe some alone time with mom or dad might be a good Point Store item. Perhaps 3o minutes or more for a walk, bike ride, board game, trip to the park or a quick lunch at the local pizza place.

I couldn't read the chore list, but I hate to match up socks, so I would definitely add that if it's something the boys could do!


Love IT!!!!!!
Keep us posted on how it works! Sometimes we start things in our house, and after two weeks they fizzle!