Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hello Saturday!

Today is our first official soccer-free Saturday. The boys' had their final games and end of the season parties over the last 2 weekends. While it is nice to have free time on Saturdays again, I actually miss the soccer! It is such a great, active way to spend our day together, rooting the kids on. Can't wait until baseball season!

Here is Vinnie playing his last game.
Excited about his first trophy!

Joey's last game.
A few kind words from his coach/dad!
Zachary at his last game.
Getting his trophy.
These are the cupcakes I made for Zach's party. I had the idea to color the frosting green after I had already frosted 20 of them. I then scraped the frosting off and started over. The kids demolished them in 5 minutes. The moms there appreciated them though.

"What? You mean the season is over already?"


Suzanne said...

What a great tribute to the end of soccer season!

Eudea-Mamia said...

Soccer is over for us as well, bummer. But basketball starts right after Thanksgiving for us - I can't wait!!!!

I'm such a sucker for a boy in uniform - who knew?!

Kimber said...

Our soccer season ended a couple weeks ago. I miss the games but not the weather. It was cold enough to snow at his last game.

Karly said...

I love that you scraped the frosting off and started over! That so sounds like something I would do!

Enjoy your free Saturdays!