Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my mothers birthday. I am getting this post out pretty late in the evening, so by the time my mom reads it, it won't be her birthday any longer. Sorry about that mom!

My mom and I have a great relationship. We talk or text several times a week, sometimes several times a day. She lived with us for a year from September 2005 until August 2006, now she lives about 500 miles away in Southern California. I loved having her with us, and it was such a wonderful experience for the boys. So without further ado, here are some things about my mom.

1. She is beautiful. She looks absolutely amazing, and not just "for someone her age". I can only hope to look so great when I am 61 years old.

2. She is very stylish and hip. She generally knows better then I what is in and what the have-to-have labels are. My wardrobe was its best the year she lived with us.

3. She actually convinced me that thong underwear were comfortable. I hated them and never thought I would actually wear them, but she just kept insisting I hadn't tried the "right" ones. She bought me some, and I have to admit, that is what I wear now. I am not sure why she cared or insisted, but she did!

4. I aspire to be the mother she was/is to me. I always remember she made us a hot breakfast before school. Every day. She was always at my school functions, sporting events, etc... She was involved and I knew she cared.

5. She is an awesome grandma. She would do anything for her grandsons (she has 6! My 4 boys and my sisters' 2 boys). She adores the boys, and they know it. Despite living almost 500 miles away, my boys are as close to her as they are to the grandma they live near. They get so excited about her upcoming visits, I usually don't even tell them she is coming until we are on the way to the airport. They drive me crazy otherwise!

6. There are some things I still can not do (very well) without her. I can't buy a decent bra without her, for one. For years I had to call her whenever I boiled eggs because I could not remember how long to boil them for. I still call her whenever I make any kind of meat for dinner (as a vegetarian, I do not make it very often). I don't know what I am going to do when my kids call me for help on stuff. I guess I will have to tell them to call Grandma!

7. While I try to be the mother she is, I don't even attempt to match her neatness standards. Somehow she managed to keep everything spotless in the house (in my defense, she had 2 girls, I have 4 boys!). She is a maniac with the iron. She even irons pillow cases. In my house, if something truly needs to be ironed it either sits in the hamper forever, or goes to the dry cleaner. Her bed making skills would satisfy any army sargent. To her credit, she never once complained about the state of my house when she lived here. I am sure it made her cringe on a daily basis.

Mom, you are the best!! I hope you had a day as awesome as you! I can't wait to see you for Thanksgiving.


cardiogirl said...

What a fun mom and a wonderful post for her birthday!

Think she'll adopt me? You and I could be fraternal twins :) I think we're the same age.

Suzanne said...

Happy birthday, Liz. I'm so fortunate to know you and to have witnessed many of the things Michelle mentioned about you over the years of my friendship with Michelle.

I hope you have a great celebration extending from your actual birthday through your visit with the Continis. xo

Anonymous said...

Gosh Michelle what a wonderful tribute to me; I sure don't feel like I deserve it. I brag to everyone that you put my mothering skills to shame. You do so much more than I ever did. You are an awesome daughter and Mother, I thank God for the woman you have become. I love you so much MOM

Andrea said...

Such a sweet post:) Have a great Thanksgiving!

Eudea-Mamia said...

Wow! Now that's a hot mama!

Thong underwear? I LOVE it.

Happy Birthday Michelle's Mom!!