Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The view from up here

I now get to clunk around in this enormous boot. I have been having pain in my foot since before my marathon, which of course got much worse after running the marathon. After 5 weeks of not running it was not better. At all. The xray was normal so I had an MRI on my foot last week which showed inflammation and weakening of the tendon on one side of my foot and fluid in the bone on the other side of the foot, explaining my pain in 2 different areas. Basically I jacked up my foot by doing the darn marathon. Unfortunately time and rest is the only treatment and since not exercising alone wasn't helping, I am now in the boot. I also had to have another cortisone shot (number 4 for those who are counting), this time in the joints on top of my foot instead of my heel. It hurt. Alot. I am hoping this does the trick.


Katie said...

Oh man, sorry to hear about your foot. It's so frustrating to be injured. I hope you get better soon! And have a great Thanksgiving!

Suzanne said...

Jeeze! That looks clunky. I really, really, really hope it fixes the situation and fast!

Andrea said...

Oh no Michelle! I didn'y know you were still experiencing so much pain in your foot. You are one strong woman for enduring that during your training and marathon!!! I hope it heals as quickly as possible.

Eudea-Mamia said...

Ouch - cortisone!!

I'm so sorry this just will not go away. I hope this is the ticket.

It's sexy, in a Bride of Frankenstein kind of way, you know, totally cool! May I carry your backpack to homeroom?