Friday, December 5, 2008

I've got nothing... say. I really don't. Lately I have been so busy and overwhelmed with setting up my office and getting ready for the holidays, that I am just drawing a blank on my blog. I could talk about the great Thanksgiving weekend we had, the progress on my office, or even complain that blogger now posts the pictures in the opposite order that I put them up in (grrr....). But I have too much to do today so I will leave you with some pictures. (please note they are in reverse chronological order because that is how blogger puts them up now and I am too lazy to rearrange them!)

The boys decorated the gingerwood house over Thanksgiving weekend. (Shh... I have a confession. I have been picking candy off it when no one is looking. Unfortunately for my waistline I am a stress eater)
Christopher really got into the decorating this year.
Grandma Liz came for the weekend which was awesome! She will be mad when she sees this picture cuz she has no make up on. I think she looks great anyway.

Zachary on Thanksgiving

Ok, I will attempt to explain this picture. We have so many cousins that every year we rent a big jumpy thing for Thanksgiving. This year we had one of those blow up jumpy obstacle courses. My nephew Peter somehow got himself wedged down in one of the pylons. So wedged we couldn't get him out. We deflated the course, but that didn't work. He was seriously stuck in that thing. In this picture you can see someone handing off some scissors. It took a good half hour, maybe more, before they were able to get him out. They almost had to cut the jumpy, but managed to get him out by cutting his pants. Hilarious.


Karly said...

Who knew those jumpy things could be so tricky? :) Love the gingerbread house. Every year my MIL makes one with my kids and then freezes them and sets 'em all out the next year. She's crazy. I have no patience when it comes to that stuff!

How are things going with the new office?

Suzanne said...

I love a good story told in reverse chronology.

i don't know if I'll even attempt the Gingerwood house this year. Well, maybe I will...

Thanks for the update!

Eudea-Mamia said...

Oh your boys - so sweet those four faces are!

Poor Peter! Good news for his parents though. I imagine you couldn't pay him good money to jump in one of those darn things again.

I'm sending my Oldest right over. You're a pediatrician - how bad can it really get?

cardiogirl said...

I love the picture of Christopher decorating the house. He is so into it and looks so proud of himself.


Andrea said...

A bouncy house for Thanksgiving?!? What a fun family, I bet that you're the envy of the 'hood:) I love the picture of your mom and your boys, your little men are all so handsome (and your mom looks great too!).

Q's NEWS said...

I am so happy to hear that your office is coming along - and Grandma Liz DOES look great and Zachary looks like her - don't you think?

Usually I just lurk but today I wanted to say Happy Monday!