Sunday, January 18, 2009

Got skinny kids?

I do. I frequently struggle with finding pants to fit them properly. By the time they fit them in the waist, they are too short. If they were girls it wouldn't matter so much-- I would just say they were capris and call it a day. A lot of kids pants come with the adjustable waist band now (one of the top 5 inventions EVER!), but the infant pants don' have that.

My brilliant husband came up with an awesome solution. Zip ties! You know, those little plastic adjustable ties that you can tighten, but not loosen back up again. We just throw that around the belt loops, adjust it to the right size, and voila'! It can get thrown in the wash and dryer, no problem. When he grows a bit (" a bit" being the operative term in this house-- my 2 1/2 yr old is wearing size 12-18 mo pants), just cut it off and put in another one.

I may be small, but I'm cute!!


msmichelel said...

Michelle - I have the same problem. Trevor is 2 1/2 (end of Jan) and he wears 18 mos. He has such a skinny waist that we were wearing mostly 6-9 mos over the summer. Now, the pants like for yoru little guy, are much harder to fit. I did find some adjustable waist for Trevor - but it is hard t find them at that size.
Your little one sure is cute! I think Trevor would be trying to rip the zip tye off!
My middle one is real skinny too and my oldest wears a slim (but he is getting closer to being in a regular size!

Katie said...

And I though Kaylee was skinny! She's 17 months and still wears 12 month clothes, but they're starting to get tight (and of course the 18 months are huge on her).

Suzanne said...

Zip ties are a good idea! My boys are growing upward so quickly that for a change we are growing out of pants lengthwise before we annihilate the knees.

Eudea-Mamia said...

Pants with waist sizes too big - every boy mom I know deals with this.

That and not being able to find wide shoes.

I think I smell a new business venture...

cardiogirl said...

That really is a brilliant idea. One I'm going to have to try out since I have a kid with the same issue.