Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another step closer... no longer having a baby!

A few weeks ago we set up the toddler bed for Christopher. At 22 lbs he certainly wasn't outgrowing the crib, and in fact still can not climb out of it. My initial thought was no way, keep him confined as long as possible. Then I realized that as long as he was unable to climb out of the crib, I could always use it as a threat if he tried getting out of his bed. He was so excited about having a big boy bed, the threat of going back in the crib was enough to keep him in the bed. It worked! In fact, he doesn't even get out in the morning. He calls for us to come get him.

We finally felt comfortable taking down the crib. Any takers? We are done with it for good!!

So proud to be in his big boy bed.

Giving his bed the ole' thumbs up!

Now if we could only get him potty trained!


cardiogirl said...

For some reason I keep seeing "Another step closer... to HAVING a baby."


Isn't it awesome packing those baby days away and heading into a new era?

We're still using a crib with our 3.5 year old and I do dread the day she's in a real bed for the same reasons -- unrestricted access, running about, popping out of the room, etc.

But we have turned the corner on potty training so I guess it's all a trade off, eh?

By the way, what is the weight limitation on a crib. I think she's about 30-32 lbs.

Laura said...

HOLY SHIT! Have you read MY POST TODAY!!!!! Go NOW!!! Read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (we must be living parallel lives!)

Andrea said...

What a big boy! Such a big milestone:) I was just having this conversation (about getting a big boy bed) with my husband last night but he wants to keep our 2.5 year old confined in his crib a bit longer. . .

Suzanne said...

Wow! Hurray for you, I think. I felt both joy and sadness when my kids got out of the crib. I was happy they were getting bigger (even though the lack of confinement was tough) but I was quite sad when we gave away the crib.

Christopher sure does look happy, though, and there is a lot to be said for that!

Michele Renee said...

Our crib was used for our 3 boys but I bought it from a lady who had used it for one girl so you could say that 4 kids have used it.
That is wild about our names!

Stacey said...

Wow such a big boy. Ethan has been in a big boy bed for about 4 months and he will still call me to come and get him out of bed.