Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday

Well, this post is a few days late, but I just got my camera back from my mother in law's house. We had an awesome Easter weekend! Saturday night we dyed Easter eggs. I am telling you, I always loved this as a kid. I think my kids could take it or leave it. They will dye a couple, then get bored and want to go watch Sponge Bob. I end up finishing the eggs myself. Hmmph!

Christopher really got into it this year, but you can imagine the mess he made and the number of eggs he cracked!

The Easter bunny leaves a trail of jelly beans out the boys' bedrooms, all through the house, leading them to the hidden baskets. Notice anything about the sliding glass door behind Joey and Vinnie? Like the fact that it is still DARK AS NIGHT out there?! Ugh!

After Mass we headed over to my mother in law's house for our annual brunch and Easter egg hunt.
Here is Christopher, waiting for the hunt to begin!

We do 2 separate hunts, 1 for the younger kids and 1 for the older kids. The younger kids took off first...

...followed by the older kids.

The younger kids stay on the lower half of the property,

...while the older kids went up on the hill!

Joey and Vinnie checking out their loot with their cousins.

Zachary going through his loot. The older kids frequently get a fair amount of money in their eggs. Zach's totaled almost $20!

After the egg hunt and brunch the kids hit the pool. Just one of the many reasons we love living in California!!

I hope everyone had a great Easter!!


Karly said...

Sounds like a good Easter! I'm jealous of the swimming!

Andrea said...

I am also jealous of the swimming as it was pouring on Easter here. Glad you had a great Easter though (try not to be jealous that my kids slept in until 9 am on Easter morning;)

Suzanne said...

Your Easter bunny was very generous. Money in eggs? Don't tell my boys.

Aunt Becky said...

That looks supremely fun! Color me jealous. Our Easter would have been way awesomer had Rotovirus not come to town. Stupid flu.