Monday, April 13, 2009

And the Contini boy most likely to be a priest is...


On the way to Easter Mass yesterday we had some Top 40 radio station on. I wasn't even paying
attention to what was on, but I guess the word "hell" was being repeated. Zachary was offended and horrified.

Zach: "Mom, I really don't think this song is appropriate to be have on right now. They are saying the "H word"."

I leaned over and changed the station.

Me: "Sorry Zach"

Zach (still horrified): "I mean, that is really a poor choice for the radio station to make. It is Easter! "

Just the day before, Zachary confessed to me that one of his friends "cusses" on the playground at recess and it really makes Zach uncomfortable. I am happy to know that Zachary has such a good conscience. Let's hope it continues. I am guessing his ability to tolerate cussing will change with age though!

I left my camera at my mother-in-laws house so will have to post Easter pictures tomorrow.


Suzanne said...

As his godmother, I am so proud!

Michele Renee said...

About the photo events in your last post.....My oldest will be 13 in June and we have done the Santa photo each year. My husband has told them that we will continue to do it every year they still live at home. Fortunately he is still small in size so it may still work next year.

Q's NEWS said...

Don't you wish you had access to a video camera at all times? What a wonderful little guy you have raised! You should be so proud of him! And the pictures in the post before this are priceless. They brought tears to my eyes - just like my girls' dance recitals used to. Something about children really tugs at my heart and yours are just gorgeous!


Laura said...

good to hear.we need more great priests!