Saturday, April 11, 2009

End of an era

I took the kids to the mall the other day to get their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. For the first time ever, Zachary protested. I knew this day was coming.

To be honest, I am surprised it didn't happen sooner. I begged him to do it one last time. I figured Christopher was going to wig out and I was going to need Zach to hold him (and I was right).

So for me he did it. I promised him I wouldn't make him do it again. I guess that includes Santa as well.

When did my baby grow up?

Of course, after hearing Zachary say he wouldn't do it anymore, Joey decided he didn't want to either.
Joey is only 7! What does this mean for Vincent and Christopher?! Is each one going to stop their "kid things" younger and younger?
At this rate, I am not going to have anyone to dye Easter eggs with by the time Christopher is in kindergarten!
Everyone talks about how time flies; how when you have children the days are long, but the years are short (isn't that the truth!)
I am going to miss these years!


Andrea said...

Such sweet pictures Michelle! It was so neat to see your older ones when they were little:) At an Easter egg hunt that we went to today Jaden (5) refused to stand next to the Easter Bunny for a picture. I WILL NOT give up on Santa pic's though. . . my parents drug my brother and I until we were in our pre-teens and the department store closed down!

What a good boy he is though to agree to do a pic 1 last time:)

Suzanne said...

I am always so stinkin' impressed with your blast from the past posts. First, I never took my kids for official pictures with Santa or the Easter bunny and even if I had, after this week with my picture hunt, I'm not sure I could even put my hands on them if I had. You must be better organized than I.

By the way, I thought you were alluding to the end of a different kind of Easter bunny era. Whew!

Laura said...

right there with ya. ever see my post with Jack and Santa????
Amazing thing, oldest still believes...deep down, he believes!

Aunt Becky said...

I just realized that I forgot to get Easter Bunny shots this years and now I'm sad. Perhaps I should rent a costume and be the Easter Bunny myself.

I'm thinking, though, that this might scar my kids more than anything.

Em said...

Those shots are priceless!!

Never could get my boys to go for the bunny. I would be scared for the poor guy in the suit.

cardiogirl said...

Like everyone else, I'm amazed at how organized and diligent you are regarding the photos and documenting your kids' childhood.


Thanks for sharing!