Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My new running partner

It is pepper spray with a handy little strap to use while running. Why the new running partner? Last week I was out running my favorite trail and had a little encounter that terrified me! About 10 feet in front of me a bobcat was walking along! (Actually, I am not quite sure what it was. I suppose it could have been a small mountain lion) I stopped cold as soon as I saw it. I had nowhere to go. There was a barb wire fence on one side of me and bushes dropping down to a creak on the other side. I don't even think the cat saw me as he scooted off into the bushes. I was afraid to move forward, thinking that it was going to leap out at me. I checked out the barb wire fence and was planning my escape, figuring that would do less damage to me. After a few minutes though I decided to just keep going. I scooted all the way up to the fence and walked as quickly as I could to the trail entrance (I was afraid running might get the cats attention). I vowed not to go back out onto that trail.

A few days later I was ready for another run, but I just hate running out on the streets! I figured since it was Saturday and later in the morning (the incident was at 6:30 in the morning on a Thursday. Not much foot traffic out there at that time) there would be people out there and I would be safe. I did carry my pepper spray though, and will carry it always while running now. As if pepper spray is going to stop a bobcat!


Katie said...

Wow! That's a lot of excitement on a run! I'm not a big fan of the roads either, but the running stroller ties me to the streets. I guess I could add that to the pros of street running...no mountain lions!

Cool post.

Suzanne said...

That would have stopped me dead in my tracks. The pepper spray is a good idea. I hope you are able to get back to your regular trails soon.

Don't you feel like pretty soon we're going to need a backpack to carry all the stuff we need to have for a safe run?

Urban Panther said...

Pepper spray and mace are illegal in Canada. Probably a safe bet that the large cat was not going to run after you. Unlike bears. I stopped running in the countryside when a bear crossed my path. Get between a mama bear and her cub, and look out! I am, admittedly, chicken about running through trails, due to the much more dangerous threat of humans. I run in the daylight and on streets. Sad really, but that's my comfort zone.

Now, my son-in-law was in his parents' backyard one evening, relieving a bladder full of beer against a tree, to discover a mountain lion sitting three feet away looking calmly at him. Oh ya, picture that scenario! :)

Em said...

Wow - good call on the pepper spray! I'd be carrying a semi-automatic as well.

But that's Texas for ya.

Be careful!

cardiogirl said...

Oh Michelle. I have anxiety up in my throat after reading that. Auugghhhh! I truly would have been clinging to the fence, attempting to wrangle the barbed wire as the cat in question was casually walking five miles away.

And I would have shet my pants if I were Urban Panther's son-in-law.