Wednesday, June 10, 2009

End of (another) era!

Well, almost an end! Potty training has begun once again in the Contini household. Our nanny, Mona, has an amazing ability to know right when one is ready to train. She came to work a week ago Monday and declared Christopher was ready and she was going to train him. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical, but figured what the heck, let her try.

He has done great! Very few accidents all week. Pete and I kept thinking we were in the "honeymoon phase". That he would grow tired of it after a few days and stop using the potty. Nope, he is doing great! (Ok. It has only been 9 days, so he could still change his mind.)

Over 10 years of diapers coming to an end!! (we had a few months reprieve between Zach and Joey over 7 years ago, but that was it) Woo hoo!!

The boys used Zachary's science project display to give him a little privacy. How thoughtful of them!


Andrea said...

So cute! And he can pee and study up on evaporation simultaneously! 2 year old multi-tasking at it's finest;)

Suzanne said...

What are you going to do with all that diaper money you are going to be saving?

Anonymous said...

Its about time, you were potty trained at 11 mos haha!! Mom

Aunt Becky said...

You can buy me presents with the leftover diaper money!

msmichelel said...

It is hysterical to see your little guy with the evaporation sign behind him, lol (BTW I did a science project on Evaporation when I was in 5th grade - good choice!)

We need to potty train here too. Trevor turns 3 end of July, so I need to try again. He wasn't interested when I brought out the potty back in the beginning of the year, but maybe now he is ready.

that is so great that your little guy is doing so well so fast!

Laura said...

I love a good science project to read while I am using the potty.

woo hoo! think of the extra drinking money you will have now!!!

Anonymous said...


Hitherto she changed her own diapers so what difference did it make? Lol.

Two is pushing the envelope, isn't he going to be 3 in September?