Monday, June 22, 2009

Baseball Party!

Saturday was Vinnie's last baseball game. (Finally! The official end to the regular season!!) He was great!
In T-ball, they switch to coach pitch the last half of the season. Vincent has done really well with the hitting, and has even improved tremendously on his fielding.

We had the end of the year baseball party at our house after the game.

Of course I had to make a cake for the occasion. I used a 9 x 13 pan to make a double layer cake, which turned out to be pretty big and heavy . I made it into a baseball field. I had a hard time getting the green the right color. I used fondant for the bases and crushed chocolate cookie for the dirt.I had pictures that I had taken of every kid on the team that I made into a wallet size, then cut out. I glued it on a cocktail pick and stuck it in the cake. It looked pretty cute. I think I will do something similar for the upcoming soccer season in the fall.

The party was a huge success! When you added up all the parents and siblings, it came out to over 50 people, of which almost 30 were kids. We were pretty happy with our decision to hire a life guard for the pool. It made for a much more relaxing party, and is something we will definitely do for all future swimming parties!
Vinnie was so excited about receiving his first ever baseball trophy. As the coach, Pete does a great job of spending a few minutes talking about each player and their accomplishments over the season.

Way to go Vinnie!!


Laura said...

can I move in with you? We would throw great parties, make great cakes, and help each other with the kids.

Suzanne said...

Vinny is the cutest Philly ever.

Awesome cake! I love the photo toothpicks. You are so clever.

cardiogirl said...

This is so great! I love the fist bump between dad and son. Vinny is super cute with his trophies and way to go on the cake! So cool!

And way to plan ahead of the party with the life guard. I would have never thought of that and it's a perfect solution.

Snaps to you!