Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome to our office!

So I promised a friend I was going to (finally) post the final pictures of our office and exam rooms today. It is now 9 pm, and I haven't even packed for our road trip tomorrow, but here they are. Since I am so short on time, I am going to make this brief!

We hired a muralist to come in and paint our exam rooms. We gave him the themes and he came up with the sketches. His name is Scott Willis and he is amazing! What I found interesting is that he is a retired political cartoonist from the San Jose Mercury News. It took him about 7 weeks to complete all the murals. He is a super nice guy and was great to have around the office. So without further ado, our office!

These first 2 pictures are actually of our waiting room. The only thing we had him do in here was paint our office logo on the wall you see when you first walk in the door. Doesn't our waiting room look like fun? Kids throw a fit when it is time to leave!

Here you can see the logo.

Here is a close up of the logo.

Exam room number 1 is my room. This is the jungle room.

It is hard to tell from the picture, but the gorilla and hippo are pretty big.

The toucan by the door

This is my favorite part of the room. I tell the kids that it is picture of Dr. Pete.

Room number 2 is the pirate room, and is also my room.

He based the 2 little kids on our logo.This map is on the wall with the exam table. Click on it to enlarge it. You can see our names in it if you look.
Here is a close up of the pirate kids.

I love the fun little details he adds. Like this squid reaching into my files.

Exam room 3- 5 are primarily Pete's rooms. Room number 3 is the outer space room.

An overview of the room.

The alien hanging over the light switch.

This alien ship is on the wall with the exam table.

A close up of the astronauts. Pete wanted him to go with older looking astronauts. He felt that if they were too kid like (like my pirate kids) it would be a turn off to the teenagers. Whatever.

Room number 4 is the sports room.

Peter went to St. Mary's for undergrad, so that is why that was chosen. Cal and Stanford were chosen because they are 2 of the Bay Area colleges.

This bat and glove are fairly big, taking up a good portion of one wall.

This is enormous and takes up an entire wall. The dog is the Georgetown Hoya, which is where Pete went to medical school.

Room number 5 is the underwater room. This room is truly amazing to me.

Here is an over view of the room. The animals are so realistic.

You can click on any picture to enlarge it.
This is a close up of the submarine. AP One stands for Almaden Pediatrics One. Again, he incorporated our logo into it.

And there you have it. I am going to kill the first kid who draws on it!!

Now off to pack!!


cardiogirl said...

NO! WAY! Oh my gosh, Michelle, that is so incredible. It's truly amazing. Wow!

I almost have no words to describe how cool that is. Love it!

Suzanne said...

Well, if I had to give Scott a grade it would definitely be "exceeds expectations."

He did a smart and savvy job, incorporating you and Peter, your professional and personal interests and 150% talent into each and every mural.

I so want to sit on the floor of each room and just take it all in. Yay for Almaden Pediatrics.

I think you have permission to ban pencil privileges for life for any child who dares to approach the wall with a writing instrument.

Michele Renee said...

Your office is fantastic!!!! I love the murals and the green and blue in the waiting area too.
Have fun on your road trip. Where are you going? We went to CO and SD.

Aunt Becky said...

Okay, can you be MY doctor? Your office is WAAAY better than the faux French Impressionistic crap in my MD's office.

Laura said...

I am making appointments for all four kids right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

Wow! Your office is so impressive! Definitely the nicest I've ever seen...way to go!