Sunday, July 12, 2009

Have fun Zachary!!!

Hard to believe, but Zachary has left for another year of Camp Kennolyn! Last year was his first year and he loved it! He couldn't wait to go this year.

Last year he was there the same time as several of his cousins. This year, for various reasons, none of them were able to go. Zach took this news in stride, shrugging his shoulders and saying "It's not like I saw them very much anyway".

This year he is in Davenport cabin. We found out that 4 of his 6 (or was it 5 out of 7?) bunkmates were all in his cabin last year! How awesome is that! It sounds like that is pretty typical for this camp--the same group keeps coming during the same sessions.

True to Zachary's (very) independent nature, drop off was very fast. He was anxious to see us go. Not wanting to cramp his style, (also, there about 50 steps to climb to get to his cabin and I was exhausted lugging Christopher up them!), we gave him one last kiss and said good-by.

Have a great time Zachary! Don't forget to shower!


Suzanne said...

Glad to see the pictures, Michelle.

Have a great time at camp, Zach. Your family is going to miss you.

Laura said...

I LOVED sleep away camp SO MUCH. Wish I could now...RIGHT my 5 year old is coming up the stairs CRYING.

Michele said...

This is so wild. I went to Camp Kennolyn in 1974 (I can't forgte how it is named after their kids--Kenneth and Carolyn I think). We lived in Santa Monica and my single mom researched where all the best camps were and sent me there for two sessions which was 4 weeks. I didn't know a soul and it was hard seeing all the girls who knew each other as repeat campers. I took a bus of kids to get there. I was in a cabin with a great counselor. Loved the horseback riding overnight trips. Loved the day trip to the beach and to the amusement park. I remember you had to wear a red or yellow bathing suit on the beach day outing. Anyway they even had a rink with a horse that you learned to do tricks on like standing. I performed in a play at the end. You had to take turns setting the table for dinner. Good times. My 3 boys don't want to go to camp but I am sure they'd love it if they went.