Monday, July 20, 2009

Jungle Fever

Yesterday was The Jungle Run in Los Gatos, a half marathon race. A month ago I didn't think I was going to be able to run it. I have been battling achilles tendonitis in my left foot and had to take a break from running. While it isn't completely better, it finally improved after I bought a new (more barbaric looking) night splint to wear. It was a challenge sleeping with it, but has been worth it! I started running again about 3 weeks ago. I wasn't able to get as many miles in as I would have liked to, but decided to try to run anyway.

The run was great for so many reasons. Los Gatos is only about 15 minutes from my house, so it was nice to not have to travel anywhere. When I saw the map of the run, I realized I was quite familiar with all the trails. I have run them all at some point or another. The other great thing was the size. There was only 1000 runners! I have only done races with 20,000 + participants. It was so nice being in such a small run right in my own community. I saw a few people I knew there.

Peter took a picture of me before I left. I was on my own for the run because Peter and I had volunteered to do the sports clearance physicals for the Pop Warner football league. Peter had to be at the high school later in the morning to get started.

The race itself was really a lot of fun. Although it was a bit warm out for my tastes (65 at the start, I am guessing 75 by the finish) I really was feeling good. Unfortunately the battery was dead on my watch, so I could not follow the time. I figured there would be a clock at the mile markers, but I was wrong. Not a single clock! Maybe because it was such a small race? I honestly had no idea how I was doing and couldn't even begin to guess my pace. I told myself I wanted to do 2 hr 5 min, but secretly I was hoping to break 2 hr.

You can't really see it, but the medal has a gorilla on it. Pretty cute.

So what was my time? 2 hr 2 min. sigh... I had to stop once at mile 6 to use the bathroom, so I suppose my actual RUNNING time was probably 2 hr, but I know that doesn't count. Unfortunately I tend to have bathroom issues when I run (yes, I know, TMI. Too bad though, it is my blog.), so not likely I will ever do a run that length and not have to stop. I think if I had a watch and knew my time I may have been able to pick it up a bit at the end.

I am planning to do the San Jose Rock-n-Roll half in October. Hopefully my foot will be better and I can train properly. I will beat 2 hours!!

After the race I rushed home, showered, and ran to meet Pete at the high school. We then spent the next 5 hours doing sports physicals on roughly 50-60 boys!! It was fun, but I was exhausted (and hungry) by the end.

We laughed at our set up. It felt like we were in a 3rd world country. It was blazing hot and we were in a parking lot in this tent. We used an upside down box for a table. It was fun though, and felt good helping out. Also? It means no working in the snack shack for me this season! Woo hoo!


Laura said...

OK, you are WAY too physically fit and active.
Or maybe, I am just not active enough.

I DO pour my own milk in my coffee...that requires arm movement. That's good, right?

You are amazing.

cardiogirl said...

That splint looks extremely painful. When it's on your leg is at such a crazy angle like that? If so, is that so the tendon will be stretched out? Ouch.

Congrats on the run, glad to hear your ankle/tendon cooperated.

Lastly, do you always run with a baseball cap on? My bangs get crazy weird when they're full of sweat, but I let them hang because I think it would look weird to wear a baseball cap inside the Y, although I have seen other people do it and I still think it looks weird.

Suzanne said...

I am SOOOO happy that you were able to do that run! Your time was great, (REALLY!) but I know exactly how you feel about having secret time goals. If I hadn't stopped during the Indy Mini to take multiple pictures on the 500 Track, I would have beaten my previous year's time. Sigh...

By the way, given my running challenges I'd take portapotties over clocks any day.

Chairperson said...
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Suzanne said...

PS. Cute Almaden Pediatrics T shirt, Peter.

Em said...

Holy stamina, Batman!!

I'm so sorry we're both having potty issues. Thanks for your advice, though!! And seriously, Texas isn't THAT far :-)

Katie said...

You did awesome! No watch or mile marker clocks! That must have have been so awful, and I'm sure that had an impact on your time. If you had known what your pace was, I bet you would've broken 2 hours. Congrats!