Saturday, July 25, 2009

He's home!!

We picked Zachary up from camp today! I can't believe how excited I was to see him. So excited I was the first one to arrive at camp, a full hour early!

The day started out with each cabin coming out, introducing the counselors, then giving a little cheer. It was amazing to hear all the different countries the counselors were from.

I then got to spend the morning following Zachary on an abbreviated tour of all his activities. This year the kids picked their own activities upon arrival (instead of ahead of time). It was fun seeing what he chose to do.

The first stop was the Ropes course. He did junior ropes last year, this was a bigger version. I watched him climb a tree, walk across a rope, then do the big zip line.

The following picture sort of gives you an idea of how high up he was!

It was so exciting to see him fly across!

The next stop was the climbing wall, also something he did last year.

Much to my surprise he also chose rifelry. I had a chance to try it out as well. It was fun! I even got a bullseye.

Next stop was the singing circle. The whole camp gathers together and sings fun camp songs.

After singing, Zachary had tennis. Tennis is a sport that neither Peter or I have ever played. I don't know anything about it, but it seemed that Zach really had the hang of it.

Next up was archery. I had another chance to jump in and give it a try myself. I was surprised at how difficult it was. Out of 5 shots, only 2 hit the target. And my arms were sore afterwards.

Zach hit the target every time!

Our final stop was wheel pottery. This was another choice of Zach's that took me by surprise. I didn't expect Zach to choose any of the arts stations. He was so excited to show me what he made. How great to see Zach trying so many new things!

This year he hit it off with one of the boys in his cabin, Keaton. They had most of the same activities together and really seemed to click. Hopefully he will be back next year!

Seeing all the activities still was only a glimpse into camp life. They also had "outpost" on a couple of occasions, which is when they hike out and sleep outside. They went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk one day, and to the beach another. Not to mention campfires, games, etc...

Zach wanted In and Out for lunch, so Pete met us there with the boys. They were all almost as excited as I was to see him!

After In and Out and frozen yogurt, we wnet home for a good scrub down. It seems he only took the minimal 3 showers the entire 2 weeks. EEEWW! At this rate he will be using the same bar of soap until his career at Camp Kennolyn is through!


Suzanne said...

Welcome Home, Zach! What a cool camp you went to. Walker and I looked at the pictures together. He was really impressed with the zip line. So was I. You are adventurous and daring. Good for you.

Andrea said...

What an awesome camp! Such a fun memory and tradition for him every year:)

Aunt Becky said...

Welcome home! I totally am going to pretend I'm a kid so I can go to that camp.