Sunday, July 26, 2009

Joey's turn!

Now it is Joey's turn to go to Kennolyn! Because it is his first year, we decided to put him in the 1 week session, which is why he did not go the same time that Zach went. He is lucky enough to have his twin cousins Peter and Gian there at the same time though! Since they are all 7 years old, they will be in the same cabin.

Upon arrival at camp we learned that Joey is in Angels camp, the cabin of the youngest boys. Zach was happy to show him to his cabin.

His counselor, Brandt, seemed very enthusiastic and got the boys busy making a name tag for their bunks.Our good-byes were pretty brief. Joey did great and had no problem seeing us leave.
I am curious to hear how meal times are going to go for him. He is my worst eater, basically living off of pasta, hamburgers, pizza and chicken nuggets. I am hoping that he will be so hungry that he will actually try new foods. I am not holding my breath though. I weighed him before we left--he was 46 pounds (fully clothed). Any guesses on what he will weigh when he gets home?


cardiogirl said...

I'm so amazed at how well your kids cooperate when having their photos taken. They always look so happy to oblige.

Hmm, how much he'll weigh on his return... that's a tough one.

43.8 lbs. My first guess and final answer.

Suzanne said...

I wonder if there's going to be any sleeping happening in that cabin with those three best buddy cousins all together.

I think it's funny you weighed Joey. Maybe he'll surprise you and come home at 47 pounds. All that fresh air, activity and the pound of dirt from only 3 showers might help his next scale stepping event.

Laura said...

he wont weigh as much as my kids..not even soaking kids are ENORMOUS!

cute pics!

Kennolyn said...

These are great blog posts - we would love to republish portions of them on our Kennolyn blog (with proper links/credit where due of course.)

email me at if you would like to let us do so!


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