Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy half!

Last night we had Zach's "half birthday" party. (As most people know, Zach's bday is right before Chrsitmas, so we celebrate in summer) The beauty of the half birthday is we are a bit loosy-goosey about when we actually have the party.

We started in the late afternoon by going to the movies--the new Harry Potter. I had no idea this was a 2 1/2 hour movie! We all enjoyed it, and I was surprised at how fast the time flew.

Next we came home for pizza and a night swim.

Followed, of course, by cupcakes and ice cream. Zachary's new sport is football, so I made football cupcakes.

I used a chocolate covered almond for the football. As you can see, I made the goal posts with pretzels. I was going to dip them in melted white chocolate, but didn't have time. I used frosting to hold the sticks together. Unfortunately, after they sat out for 10 minutes, all the posts started to fall apart as the frosting softened (duh!). I think if I had dipped in white chocolate they would have been fine. Or maybe used fondant instead of frosting. Nevertheless, they were fun and easy to make!
What you can't tell from the picture is that they are jumbo sized cupcakes. I found the pan at Target. Awesome!


Suzanne said...

Another great birthday celebration at your house. I love watching how the parties evolve and change as your kiddos get older. Cute cupcakes!

Katie said...

You make the best baked goods! Kaylee's birthday is in August, and we had a birthday party for her this weekend. I had to make everything because she has FPIES to soy (and you wouldn't think so but soy is in everything). The cake I made was okay. It tasted good, but was only so-so in the prettiness department. Everything you make looks professional!

cardiogirl said...

I am so impressed with your baking efforts considering you work full-time! You're truly inspirational to me.

Do your kids want to help when you bake/decorate? That's sort of the thing that slows me down although I'd be lying if I said I'd bake more if they didn't help.

I love the thought of over-sized cupcakes! Bring it sistah! (And you said you got that pan at Target, eh?)