Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome home Joey!

Today was pick up day for Joey from Camp Kennolyn. Sounds like he had a great week! He has decided that he will be ready for the full 2 weeks with Zachary next year. Two of my Four kids gone together? Bring it on!

The morning started off with the usual "parade of cabins". Joey was in Angels Camp, the cabin with the youngest group of boys.

His counselor, Brandt, was wonderful. He was as enthusiastic on the last day as he was on the first. Thanks Brandt!

Like my day with Zachary, I had the opportunity to follow Joey around to his activities. We started off the day with outdoor cooking.Joey is still talking about the "orange cake" they made. (you hollow out an orange, fill it with chocolate cake batter, and cook it in the fire. Sounds good to me!)

His second activity was swimming. Since today was such an abbreviated day, he chose not to suit up. I was curious about the temperature of the pool, since it can be pretty chilly in Soquel, especially in the morning. Happily, it was very warm!

Joey's third activity was rifelry. This was one of his favorite activities.

He was one of the younger kids, and certainly the smallest kid in his group. He was definitely holding his own though!

He enjoyed the singing circle with his cousins. Since he has been home I have been hearing him singing several of the songs with Zachary.

After singing, we were off to archery. The bows require a fair amount of strength, but he was able to do it. I was also interested to see he is a lefty with the bow. While he eats and writes left, he throws and bats right, so I would have guessed he would have been a righty with the bow.

After archery was junior ropes, a smaller version of the ropes course that Zachary did.

He wanted to show me the "leap of faith". A few steps up the tree he admitted that he actually had never done this before. The handles were pretty far apart and he was really struggling (again, his small size). I think he wanted to quit, and in another situation he might have. But he kept at it.
He made it to the top. Upon reaching the top platform, he jumped off, trying to hit the ball. I was so proud of him! I am most amazed at how my kids have been willing to step outside their comfort zones while here! I think it really speaks to how comfortable they feel while at Kennolyn.

I then was able to see him do the zip line. Again he had to climb a tree and cross a rope bridge (basically a tight rope) to get to the platform.

Looks like so much fun!

His last activity was animal care. Sounds like this was his least favorite activity (Joey doesn't do well with strong smells. He barfed at his friend Shane's food fight birthday party as soon as he was hit with a bunch of food. Too many smells.) It looks like this activity was about cleaning and feeding the animals.

We then met Pete and the boys at In-n-Out for a welcome home burger. (They couldn't come as Zach had his first football practice of the season. Doesn't he look like a little stud in his practice jersey?)
Joey was clearly happy and excited after camp. He was pretty chatty with me in the car on the way home. He said he did get a bit homesick towards the end (per his counselor he said that he wanted to stay at camp, but wishes his parents were there too. Aah!! So sweet, especially since Zach would rather tear his eyes out then have us there with him!)

And he ate! Sounds like he really liked most of the food. In fact, he gained half a pound! Woo hoo! The coolest thing? He says he will now cut his own waffles and pancakes. Double woo hoo!

Until next year, Kennolyn!


Suzanne said...

Wow! Joey deserves a special camp badge for all the new things he tried and accomplished.

As the proud owners of our own campfire, we would like to know how long you must "bake" an orange cake in a campfire (as well as any other instructions you can gleen from a 7 year old).

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he had a blast and he looks so cute in all the pictures. I am anxious to talk to him in person about his camp experience. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Better get crackin' on the Kelly visits San Jose post! Hehe.