Sunday, August 30, 2009

Contini Sports Update

This weekend was our first official weekend of the Fall sports season. Unfortunately we started Saturday with temperatures in the high 90's. Ugh!

Joey kicked off the weekend with his soccer game.

I thought he did great! He had 1 goal and 1 assist.
The heat seemed to affect all the kids (not that I blame them, poor things!). Overall they looked a bit sluggish. Looking forward to seeing what they do next game.

Vincent's game was next, and even hotter. Talk about looking sluggish!

Vinnie did perk up in the second half of the game and showed some great potential.

Our Saturday ended with our mini-van dying (which we were able to jump start, thank goodness!) followed by our electricity going out. We must be on a bad grid, because we seem to lose our electricity whenever the temperature goes over 100. We threw in the towel and headed over to my mother-in-law's house to spend the night.

Sunday was Zachary's turn to hit the field. He had his first full (although considered "preseason") football game. We packed up the van (which started! Woo hoo!) and headed to Newark for the day.

Half way through the first quarter our starting quarterback took a bad hit and went down. An ambulance was called. Not exactly what I wanted to see during our first game! He was fine, but was taken in as a precaution.

We were thrilled to see that Zach had been moved from the third string team, to second string since last weeks scrimmage. Awesome!

You can't actually see Zach in these pictures, but he is in there!

This is one good looking football player!


Suzanne said...

Looks like you have a full load of laundry just with sports uniforms! Congratulations on a great first weekend.

Michele Renee said...

My husband started football in 6th grade so that was the rule over here. My Oldest did football in 6th and 7th, and you're right, the weekends are shot. During school it was practice 3x/week and then the games are half the time in other parts of the county. Luckily for him there were two teams and he was on a small team and got to play lots. This year for 8th he is going back to baseball for fall and spring (YEAH!!!!) He is not big and the boys got awfully big in 8th grade. Many of his friends have stopped football as well. They love it but the team is now one big team so they'd rather excel in baseball. It's fun watching them no matter what!
Bummer about the Sunday games--you don't get one day off!!!! In the winter we will have some Sunday games with roller hockey.

Karly said...

I can't imagine doing sports for three kids. You are brave. And more organized than me. ;)