Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Like a good wine...

...he gets better with age.

Today is Peter's 44th birthday. Looking back over our years together, I can honestly say I love him more each year. When I see his pictures as a child, I smile as I see bits of our boys looking back at me.

This picture in particular cracks me up. Peter (the one looking right at us) and a friend were the doormen for a play. Don't they look angelic? Apparently they were dropping the f-bomb as people were walking in. Hysterical. I love his sense of humor!

Happy birthday Peter! I couldn't ask for a better husband, father to our boys, or friend. I love you!

edited to add-- When Joey saw the baby picture of Pete he said "Daddy. You have the same hair now that you had as a baby!"


cardiogirl said...

I loved Joey's comment. That lack of a filter is so fun to hear -- when you're not the focus of it.

Not to worry, I've been front and center many times. Most recently I was sitting next to my 6-year-old reading to her and she casually said, "Mom?"


"Why do you have polka dots on your nose?"

"Oh. Those are just millions of blackheads that need to be popped. But thanks for asking."

Happy Birthday Pete!

Suzanne said...

Was Peter dressed as Paul Revere?

Hope Peter enjoyed his birthday cupcakes and celebration.

PS. I clicked on the picture of Peter and the boys. Can you stand all those eyelashes?!

Laura said...

Your husband is HOT.
Is that wrong of me to say?

I would SOOOOOOOO make that HOT man a cake any day!

cardiogirl said...

Hey Michelle, I'm pretty sure this is that blogger chick that POC was talking about in her last post.

Uh, interesting, huh?