Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good for you Zach!

For the fourth time, Zach is the student council representative for his class. This year he decided to run for school president.

We made some posters.

And Zachary wrote out a speech.

Elections were last Friday. Pete video taped the speech, which I will post if I ever figure out how to post it to youtube. Several kids ran, but Pete said Zach and 1 other boy got the most applause when their name was called. Unfortunately Zach lost to the other boy. He took it really well. (better than I did) I am so proud of him for running, and being able to get up there in front of the entire school and give a speech. Way to go Zachary!

On the football front, his team is kicking some ass!

They are undefeated at 4-0. Zachary is having a great season and has received the "player of the game" shirt twice. (several players get it each game, but I think Zach is the only one to get it twice!) Almaden Mustangs rock!!


Suzanne said...

I'm often surprised at how much better our kids take defeat. I can learn something from them. My hat's off to Zach for trying!

cardiogirl said...

The thought of running for class president, much less winning, had me close to a panic attack. Way to go Zach for giving it the college try!

And congratulations on all that he's achieved considering the school year is only one month old.