Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The neglect of four

Last Sunday was Christopher's third birthday. Truth be told, we didn't have any special plans for the day. I figured he was only three and wouldn't know the difference anyway. We would have dinner, eat some cake and open some presents. That is what happens when you are the fourth kid.

Grandma Liz was coming to town.

Saturday was filled with soccer games for Joey and Vinnie.

Sunday was filled with Zachary's football game.

Who has time for a party?

Then on Thursday morning Christopher looked up at me with his enormous brown eyes and asked "Are Michael and Max coming to my party?"


My heart shattered into a million pieces.

I frantically ran over to Pete. "Uh, Christopher thinks there is a party!"

"Looks like we are having one," he said.

So we called a couple of people and invited them over for a swim.

We ate pizza.

We had balloons and opened presents.

And of course, I made him special cupcakes. Puppy dog cupcakes, or as Christopher calls them "woof-d cupcakes".

In other words, we had a party!


Katie said...

Those cupcakes are amazing! And wow, the little guy is ridiculously cute!

Suzanne said...

I can totally hear Pete's matter of fact voice in that "looks like we are having a party." You made it a party for Christoper even if it came together at the last minute.

Laura said...

looks like a party to me! Looks PERFECT, actually. Birthdays are getting out of control with the school aged kids. I wanna bring back the "cake, pinata, now get the hell out of my house" party!

And I WILL be making those cupcakes for Belle...SO cute. Too bad you are not closer..we would have the most fabulous bakery!

Em said...

Oh Lord, that would have broken my heart into tiny little pieces!!

Sweet angel.

Great Mama!!

Those cupcakes rock.

Widge said...

Those cupcakes are totally amazing!! so clever.

Widge said...

and my 4th child just turned 3 as well and totally get what you mean. I'm completely over birthdays now with 4 kids. such a freakin hassle, the novelty has definitely worn off.


Great job throwing a rockin' party together at the last minute! Those cupcakes are amazing! I think the conundrum comes at the level of understanding in the fourth child. They seem to understand so much more than the previous kids!