Sunday, October 25, 2009

8-0 baby, 8-0!!

Today was our last regular season game, and the Almaden Mustangs Jr. Pee Wee's kicked some ass!

It has been an amazing season, with the boys going 8- 0.

As a first season for us, we couldn't have asked for a better time. Our coaches struck that magical balance between tough and effective, but with compassion, firing up the boys to want try their hardest and give their best, every time.

Zach learned a lot as a player, but also about his character.

Practices were tough. The coaches like to tell the boys "It is hard to play against our team, but even harder to play for our team." They aren't kidding!

But what a great life lesson to learn--hard work pays off.

And pay off it has. Their undefeated season has earned them a spot in the Division I play offs.

Not sure how far we will get in the play-offs.

But it doesn't matter. We went 8-0!
Thanks Coach Jeff, and the rest of the Jr. pee wee coaches!


Suzanne said...

Right on! Congrats to you all.

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Your team ROCKS ZACH