Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Signs of Fall

It was beginning to feel like Fall was never going to arrive here in California. I have been itching to pack up the shorts and pull out the sweaters. While we are still having some warm days (I got sunburned at Zach's football game last week), I am finally seeing some signs of Fall!

The weather cooled down enough for me to drag out my favorite boots. (yes, it looks like they need to be cleaned up a bit!)

I made my favorite winter recipe--my black bean soup.

Last week was out first storm, and it was a doozy! Trees were torn up by the roots. We lost our electricity at home and in the office 3 times, blowing 2 voice mail systems at the office. (one of the many joys of being a business owner)

I took the boys to the pumpkin patch. Zach and Joey were a bit cranky about the idea, but really got into picking out their pumpkins.

I can't even believe Peter put a tattoo on Vincent's face.

Happy Autumn everyone!


cardiogirl said...

Love the boots, uh, where'd you get those? And the black bean soup looks pretty darn tasty.

Where'd you get that recipe?

Full o' questions today, so here's a statement.

I love those pictures of your boys and I love that your oldest puts up with it and actually smiles for the photos.

Anonymous said...

How fun wish I was living close by so I could join my grandsons on days like that. They look so cute!!

Laura said...

i want your boots

Suzanne said...

Every Fall when we go to the East Coast, I get boot-jealous. I should just go get myself some. Those are the ones you have in brown too, right?

Michelle said...

The boots are Merells--super comfortable and I have them in brown and black.

Cardio-- I will email you the recipe.

Katie said...

Fall is my favorite season! Love the pics of the pumpkin patch! We have some pumpkin patch pics that I'll be posting soon too.

Thanks for your comment about the marathon. I actually went back re-read your final marathon post. We definitely had similar experiences. Last year when I was training I was much more relaxed. This year after running a fast half, I was intense. I lost the enjoyment too, and of course wound up injured and then there was the whole asthma thing.

I'll definitely do it again. It might take a couple years though. I think it's great that you want to do one again too!

So you asked about my asthma. Last year I moved from the 500 to the 250 advair because my asthma was getting much better. And I got to a point where I wouldn't take anything for months at a time and be fine. I do take albuterol before I race. I ran with the albuterol, but after having some chest pain around mile 11 I was too scared to take it again. I've never been on singular or anything else for it (well, besides the prednisone). I'm not sure why I'm having a flare up right now. I know there must be a trigger, but it seems random.

Anonymous said...
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