Monday, October 5, 2009

Rock on!!

So yesterday I ran the San Jose Rock-n-Roll half marathon. I have been planning on running this all summer, and was hoping to beat 2 hours. At last years New York Half marathon my time was 2 hr 8 min, but I ran on a ruptured plantar fascia and really struggled with the weather. At the Los Gatos half a few months ago my time was 2 hours and 2 minutes. I was hopeful I could shave off that last 2 minutes though, since I did that half coming off my battle with achilles tendonitis and only got back to running 2 weeks prior to the race (after taking almost 3 weeks off). I have been running all summer without a watch (seriously, how hard can be be to replace a damn battery!) so haven't really had much of a sense of what my pace has been.

The race started and I felt great. I arrived at mile 1 at 8:30. I was surprised at the time, and worried that I had taken off too fast. I arrived at mile 2 at pretty much the same pace. I was surprised at how great I felt. I started to feel a bit tired at mile 11, but figured I could power through the last 2 miles. I was pretty pumped to see Pete and the boys near the end. It was the first time the boys have been able to come and see me run. I sailed through the finish at about 1 hour 54 minutes ( 1 hr 53 min 50 sec to be exact). I was thrilled! Even better was how good I felt.

The boys at the finish line--look how tall Zach is getting!

A few shout outs--

To Laurel: I somehow managed to shave 8 minutes off my time since July. The only difference in my running schedule was adding a track day. Once a week I have been meeting Laurel, our bootcamp instructor at 4:35 am (yep, that early) for intervals at the track. I have never really done that type of running before, and have actually grown to like it. Laurel and I are a good running match, and push each other to run faster. Thanks Laurel!!

To Pete: Thanks for dragging the boys to the race to see me. It really did mean a lot to me to see you all there. Apparently parking completely sucked and you had a few swear words to say about it. The kids also mentioned that you pulled into the parking spot "going 200 miles an hour" and still parked the van straight. They were impressed by that. (more impressed than my 13.1 mile run)

To Ozzy Osbourne-- Just as I was feeling fatigued at mile 11, "Crazy Train" came on my ipod and got me over the hump. Woo hoo!

To the guy smoking a cigarette at the starting line-- Seriously?! I am not saying you shouldn't run because you smoke, but at least have the decency to hide shamefully in your car. I prefer not to smell that just before I run.

To the guy farting away in front of me at mile 7--Not sure what to say to you. Gas happens, I suppose. Maybe you should rethink last nights dinner though.

What is this you ask? My Blackberry sitting in a bowl of rice in the oven. Texting while walking into the bathroom appears to have risks of it own. My Blackberry decided to go for a swim in the toilet while I was getting ready for the race. After 24 hours in a bowl of rice in the oven set to warm, it seems to be good as new. I kid you not. Got the idea from googling. Google can give you the answer to anything!

What is next for me? Nothing at the moment. After doing 3 half marathons in the last 4 months, I am ready to take a break. I am going to back off on my running, and just run for fun for a while. Maybe in the Spring...


cardiogirl said...

Congratulations on the half marathon! Way to go!

Really, really surprised to see your blackberry survived in RICE in the OVEN.

Is the concept that the rice absorbs liquid as it heats? Please tell me this is the reason because then I'm going to feel smart like Mr. Science all day long.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Michelle you ROCK!!

Andrea said...

Wow Michelle, congratulations!

Can't believe the blackberry thing, too funny:)

Karly said...

Congrats on the half marathon! I kind of blanked out there when you said you got kind of tired at MILE ELEVEN. My god, lady. You are impressive.

I'll have to remember that rice trick for my iPhone. I'm sure there will come a day that mine will go for a swim. :)

Suzanne said...

I don't know which part of you to celebrate more...the lightning-fast-runner-you or the wicked-smart-you who googled how to dry out a water-logged phone.

I know how much you wanted to break two hours. Congrats! Hope you really, really enjoyed PF Changs. You and Peter both deserved it!

Katie said...

So awesome! I've been stopping by your blog for the last year or so, and know how badly you've wanted to break 2 hours. And you didn't just break it, you whooped it! Congrats! Track workouts at 4:30 am? Wow, that is so tough!

Seriously there was a guy smoking at the start? That's just craziness. Then another guy farting at you? Sounds like quite a race. ;)

Laura said...

wish I read this months ago when my phone landed in a happy meal lemonade. I put it in rice, but in a bag on my counter...didnt work.

and all that running of yours has me feeling extra fat and lazy.
good for you
bad for me

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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