Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Visit

Last week was Christopher's first dental visit. The kids have been going to this pediatric dental office since Zachary's first visit 7 years ago. Going to the dentist with 4 kids is always a bit chaotic, but everyone did great! It is nice that Zach and Joey are now old enough to go sit in their chairs without any help from me.

Since it was Christopher's first visit, I was on the chair with him on top of me. I could hear Vinnie getting a bit squirrely in the chair next to us, but had to let the other hygenists deal with him (which was probably better anyway!)

Christopher even sat still for the x-rays.

No cavities for any of the Contini boys!

Vinnie was very interested in the x-rays.

Phew! Even though they all did great, it was still exhausting!

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Suzanne said...

I hope your boys all continue to have good healthy dental hygiene and positive experiences in a dentist's chair...unlike their mother who's had a bum deal lately.