Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am clearly not smarter than a 3 year old

Conversation with Christopher this morning as I was loading up on motrin and prevacid (to counteract the stomach ache I get from the motrin...)

Chris: "Mommy, why you eating medicine?"

Me: " Because mommy's leg hurts"

Christopher looking down at my ice wrapped shin: "Why your leg still hurting?"

Me: "Because I went running"

Chris: "So why you keep running?"

Hmm... Why indeed...


Suzanne said...

Oh man! Why are you continuing to be hit with challenges to your running? I want you to be painfree without the aid of Motrin and Prevacid.

Anonymous said...

tehe tehe tehe tehe tehe tehe tehe tehe tehe tehe tehe tehe tehe

Katie said...

That stinks! I agree with Suzanne...pain free without "medicine." Hmmmm, I'm sure this is the last you want to hear, but maybe you need more time off. Last winter I was having constant IT band issues even with the proper stretches, strength training, and foam roller. I wound up deciding to take the winter off. I took off from the beginning of December to the end of February, and just stuck with the cardio equipment in the gym. When I started running in March my injuries were all better.

You might also want to talk to a running coach. Running coaches often know secrets to treating and preventing injuries.

I hope you're feeling the running love soon!