Sunday, December 6, 2009

Zach's bad week

Zach has had a pretty eventful week. It started with a dental appointment on Tuesday to have 3 teeth pulled. They weren't loosening up on their own and his big teeth were heading sideways so it was decided by the orthodontist that it was time to help them out.

(look how filthy his pants are--that is how he comes home from school daily!)

He did great! I was a nervous wreck before the appointment, not sure how he would do. He barely flinched with the novacaine shots, and barely even noticed the dentist pulling the teeth out. (which I was shocked to see how crude the method was--just grab and twist and pull.) He was mostly distracted with the TV.

Off we went with a mouthful of cotton to Jamba Juice. Zach has never been numb before and couldn't understand why everything kept dripping out of his mouth. Poor kid.

A few days later he had an appointment with the orthodontist to start treatment. A retainer was cemented in (which you actually can't see very well in this picture) to keep the gaps in his mouth there while the adult teeth come in. He was pretty uncomfortable for several days and struggled to eat anything. He even struggled with talking ( he sounded like he had a mouth full of marbles).

The doozy came on Saturday night. Pete and I had tickets to the Sharks game, so we ordered pizza for the boys and the babysitter. Poor Zach was still having a hard time eating, and struggled with the crust, so Pete cut the hard bottom off. As we were just about to walk out the door we heard a scream. Zach had taken it upon himself to cut more crust off with a steak knife and cut his finger. Really bad. It took a bit to take care of it, but we decided since it was a finger stitches weren't necessary. On a positive note, Zach knows not to use a knife again!

I am not looking forwarding to the head gear and full braces!


Anonymous said...

Oh poor Zach hope he is doing better. Headgear wow!...didn't know that was still used. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

come on only one comment that is the record LOL