Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good Night, Moon

One of the second grade field trips is to go to a college theater for a play. I went with Zachary's class a few years ago. I was excited to be able to go last week with Joey's class. This time around the play was Good Night, Moon. I was a bit intrigued to see how they would turn a book with very few words into a 45 minute production.

The set looked great, just like the great, green room. I sat back, one eye on the 6 kiddos I was in charge of keeping in line, and waited.

I was a bit disappointed with the actual play. The acting was just fine, but the story line was a bit tedious. (although, how could it not be?!) I couldn't even take a little nap because the backs of the seats were too low to lean back on.

The kids all loved it though.

Later that night Pete was asking Joey about the play. He asked him what his favorite part was. "I had two favorite parts, " he said. "My first favorite part was having Mom there."

I can't wait to see it again with Vinnie's class in a couple of years.

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Suzanne said...

Gosh, even with just the mention of the title, my brain goes into automatic and I begin to recite the words. We read that book over and over. What a theatrical challenge but Joey's favorite part makes it all worthwhile.