Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Rockin' Contini's

Joey asked for, and received the Lego Rock Band game for the wii. Little did we know, you need the band equipment to play the game. (Clearly I am not very up on the games these days). No big deal, we had a few Toys R Us gift cards, so we headed over to TRU after Christmas.

I had no idea what we needed, so asked the employee there. He informed me that I needed the Rock Band set, which had been sold out for a while, and by the way, it costs $150. $150??!! To buy the accessory for a $50 game? I was floored, and actually didn't believe him.

I went home and asked around, and indeed that it was we needed. sigh.. So I have spent the last month waiting for Rock Band to be back in stock. No luck. I found out we could also use the Band Hero set, which they did have. It cost $200. AUGH!!! I finally gave in and bought the damn thing.

After setting it up we realized you need a third controller in order to use all three of the band pieces at once. Somebody kill me now. For the time being we borrowed the neighbor's controller, but I promised the kids I would pick up a third controller tonight. What do those cost, $30? This is turning in to one pricey gift.

I have to admit, it is a blast. This is coming from the person that doesn't even know how to turn on the wii (or xbox for that matter). And I don't want to know. But this really is fun, and something we can all do together.

It will be even more fun when Vinnie learns how to read better. He is the only one of us who can carry a tune, so right now we are having to suffer from some pretty bad vocals!


Suzanne said...

What are you going to wear when you go on tour? :-)

We got the Wii Fit for Christmas and I have to admit, that too has become one of our family activities. I don't know a thing about the Wii either but I am enjoying being a calorie incinerator on the Hula Hoop.

Katie said...

That sounds like an awesome family activity! We often talk about getting Rock Band when Kaylee's a bit older. She already loves to whack on the display game drums when we go to the store...of course she has no concept of actual game play at this point.

Anonymous said...
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cardiogirl said...

I have to admit, that does look like fun, but it would be endlessly annoying to find out I had to keep buying stuff to make it work right.

Hey, how about some audio next time?