Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Vin!

Today is Vinnie's 6th birthday! I find Vinnie to be the child of mine who intrigues me the most. Of course all of my boys have different personalities, but Vincent is in a class by himself! He is interested in anything and everything he hears about. Peter often remarks that you can almost see the wheels turning in his head when he is studying something. In honor of his 6th birthday, here are six comments from Vinnie that capture his sweet, bright essence.

1. Vinnie has 2 stuffed animals he sleeps with--a shark named "Sharkie" and a dolphin named "Larry". As Pete was putting him to bed one night he asked Vinnie why he named the dolphin "Larry". Vinnie replied "Because Dad, Dolphin-y didn't make sense"

2. Out of the blue one night Vincent asked "If a boy and girl make a baby, then where did the first baby come from?" Wow.

3. On love and marriage--He states that he is in love with Allie, a little girl in his class. He loves her and wants to marry her. He says they will live together one day. We and his teacher have had to talk to him about the no kissing in school rule. Seems he and Allie hug and kiss in class and have to be physically separated. Joey saw them holding hands at recess recently. Lord help us when he gets to middle school!

4. The other night on American Idol Katy Perry was one of the guest judges. They played a snippet from her "I kissed a Girl" song and Vinnie was hooked. He committed the chorus to memory, then asked us what she meant by "It felt so wrong, it felt so right..." How could it feel wrong and right? he wanted to know. He loves to sing and does it constantly.

5. Coming out of the bathroom recently he stated "My kidneys were just dripping." "What?!" I exclaimed. "I just went pee and your kidneys make pee, so my kidneys were dripping. They stopped now."
I have no idea how he knew that!

6. Vinnie is our cuddly kid. Every night he crawls on the couch, usually into Peter's lap, and says he needs to cuddle. This usually means he is tired and just about ready for bed. No one likes going to bed like that kid (except maybe me). It is not unusual for him to ask to go to bed. One night as he was crawling into bed he gave a contented sigh and stated "Ah, I just love bedtime!" (Unfortunately this can NOT be said of Christopher).

Happy birthday to my sweet, creative, smart and cuddly little man! Our lives are so much more interesting and exciting having you in it!


Katie said...

What a great post! Loved the 6 little tidbits. Happy birthday Vinnie!

Suzanne said...

Vinnie is a first rate six year old. I just can't believe it's been six years already! I remember exactly were I was when you called me to tell me about him. (On the 15 freeway headed to Oceanside.) He's come a long way since that morning!

By the way, how many kids do you know who were born on Oprah's 50th birthday?