Sunday, March 7, 2010


Do you like the birthday cake I made myself? I laughed as I was frosting it!

Yep, that is how old I am now. Yippee. No complaints here though! I made out pretty good! A dinner out with my family, good cake and some great gifts!

Pete got me a kindle. It should be arriving in a day or two and I can't wait to check it out! My Aunt gave me a really nice Cole Haan cover for it.

Suzie made me this pretty bed warmer. It is filled with corn and you just pop into the microwave for a couple of minutes, then stick in your bed. I hate getting into a cold bed. Even with flannel sheets I would get in and then start kicking and flailing about to try and warm things up. Drove Peter crazy! She also made me a beautiful new camera strap in fabrics of my favorite colors. You can check it out here. Of course it is already on my camera.
Thanks mom for my new black purse! I love it!

Happy Birthday to me! (Do you see the ipod headphones coming out of Zach's ears? He is truning into a preteen overnight, with the attitude to boot. Yikes!)


Suzanne said...

My first thought was, "Wow! Peter decorates cakes too?" It's such a pretty lavendar cake. What a great birthday! I wish you many, many more!

Anonymous said...

I lied about your birth year; you are really just 31 years. haha!
Wish I could have celebrated with you. Wishing you a wonderful year.
Love Mom

Katie said...

Happy Birthday! We have two Kindles in the house. Started with one, but we liked it so much we had to get another. We love them! I've never heard of a bed warmer. I do what you mentioned though, flail around kicking my legs and such trying to warm the bed up faster. Nick just laughs at me.