Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Deer Valley!

What is that you say? You were wondering why there were no actual pictures of us skiing on our Deer Valley trip? Although my Nikon camera is awesome, I can not pop it into the pocket of my ski jacket and whip it out for amazing action shots of us on the slopes. Bummer. So I borrowed my Aunts little point and shoot and took pics with that. She sent me the disc the other day, so now I have more pictures to share.

Here are the 5 kids in "the Beast" (aka the Suburban) on our way down to the slopes. Before pulling out of the driveway we did the run down with the bunch. "Everyone show me your helmet! Check. Now show me your gloves! Check. And on and on. That is how we made it out the door with 5 kids and never once had to come back for a forgotten item. We rule.

Peter dropped us off and parked the car. The kids hung out in front of the lodge while I dropped Christopher at daycare, then back for them to drop them off at their various ski classes. Tired already? We are just getting started!

Vinnie spent all 5 days in ski school. He was skiing the blue runs by the end of the week and loved it.

On the last day, after class, Pete took him up for a run. He did well, but apparently talked non-stop the entire way down the hill. No surprise there.

Here is a typical shot of Zachary convincing us that we could do this black diamond run, despite the fact that we couldn't actually see down it and had no idea what was in store for us. We survived.

Zachary whipping down the hill, leaving us in the dust.

Zachary on the gondola. See that smirk? Probably making plans to ditch us somewhere.

Pete and I on the gondola. How about my new snazzy helmet? I never used to wear one, truly believing I was such a cautious, boring skier that I didn't need one. Natasha Richardson's story changed that. (However I am still a boring cautious skier)

We just finished lunch at the new St. Regis. No lodge food for us!

Kelly and Joey had ski school for 3 days, then skied with Aunt Dede the 4th day.

Joey (and Kelly) skied with us on the last day. Such fun hanging with all the kids while skiing!

Zach and Joey in front of the "bear house". This is a private home on the slope (there are many) that the owners decorated. A few other houses do similar things. The kids (and I) love it!

Christopher catching snowflakes and waiting for the big boys to finish school.

Apres' ski, the hot chocolate and cookie version!

The end of another great day! Let's check the skis, get the Beast and head back to Auntie Dede's house and hit the hot tub!

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Suzanne said...

So much fun...but I'd like to point out that in the future when your kids look at you quizzically and you say, "Why are you looking at us like we have things coming out of our heads?" I guarantee they are recalling those pictures of you and Pete in your snow helmets.