Saturday, March 27, 2010


Joey is 8 today!

Today is our usual crazy Saturday- Joey had a communion activity at the church from 9-12. Vinnie had a baseball game at 10:30. Zachary had a baseball game at 11:30. And Joey has a game at 5:15 pm. I also squeezed a 10 mile run, rounds at the hospital and a trip to the grocery store in there. Needless to say, his birthday has taken a backseat today!

Here is Joey over the years:

His first birthday. Such an easy going, sweet baby.

His second birthday. He was already a big brother to Vinnie, and such an easy toddler.

His third birthday. The year he started pitching fits! So much for the easy toddler!

Happy fourth birthday! Such a fun, athletic boy! He loves hanging out with his big brother Zachary and holds his own with the big boys.

Joey on his fifth birthday. He loves to be around people. So much so that he never wants to be alone! He shares a room with Vinnie, and usually ends up crawling in bed with him every night! He now has 2 little brothers. I can't believe Joey is one of my big kids!

Happy sixth birthday! He is a big kindergartner now, making tons of friends in school.

Joey at 7. He loves to play baseball and soccer, and does really well.

My baseball star at 8. He finally got his own room this year, but will still frequently end up back in the room with Vinnie and Christopher, crawling into the bottom bunk with Christopher. He is a good and loyal friend and is frequently invited to parties and sleepovers. It is a challenge keeping up with his social schedule!

Happy Birthday Joey! I couldn't ask for a sweeter, more lovable kid!


Suzanne said...

His own room?! Gasp!

Eight is great, Joey! Happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...