Thursday, April 1, 2010


Vinnie's most recent obsession is globes and maps. He pores over them, studies them, and talks about them constantly. He has this globe toy that gives him facts about different places when he places the pen on it. He has that thing memorized. Almost.

Recently Vinnie was filling Pete in on the Great Wall of China.

V: "Dad, did you know that Great Wall of China is so big, you can even see it from space."

P: " Really?"

V: "Yes. It is located in Asia. ..... That is where all the Mexicans live"

Pete and I are still quoting that to each other, then rolling on the floor laughing.

* * * *

Just tonight while brushing his teeth Vinnie stopped, then gave me a quizzical look.

"You know what I don't understand? Why does it get colder the higher up the mountain you go, but the higher up you are the closer to the sun you are?"

That kid both cracks me up and amazes me. He is going to go places.


cardiogirl said...

That *is* crazy that the higher you go up a mountain the colder it is. Heat rises, doesn't it?

Huh, I've never thought of that but I'm going to ask my 10-year-old why that is just to see what she says.

Suzanne said...

Vinnie is just what every family needs--a smart kid who talks incessantly, spouting mostly accurate thoughts and some pearls to ponder.

Anonymous said...

Knowledge is power...................................................