Friday, April 16, 2010

Cal Academy

The kids have been on spring Break over the last week. Pete and I worked, but the kids did lots of fun things around town. I was off on Thursday, so took the 4 boys into San Francisco to the California Academy of Sciences. I haven't been since it was redone several years ago and was interested in checking it out.

We had a blast! There was so much to do, and it kept all the boys interested, despite the range of ages.

We started with the "Extreme Mammal" exhibit, which was a temporary exhibit. A cool display of the smallest, biggest, fastest, etc... mammals both living and extinct.

We then headed in to the Rain Forest. You start at the forest floor, then wind your way to the canopy.
There was a great display of plants and animals from all areas.

There was even butterflies and birds flying around loose. You are advised to check yourself for hitchhiking butterflies before leaving the display!

Given his recent obsession with maps and globes, Vinnie was very excited to see the enormous rotating globe and insisted on having his picture taken with it.

After lunch (which was way over priced and not kid friendly) we headed in to the aquarium.

Of course it wasn't as big as the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, but was impressive none the less. The kids had so much fun checking out all the tanks. It wasn't very crowded, so they were easily able to go up to each one and hang out. Christopher was mesmerized by the fish.

I am a sucker for the gift store and was talked in to a few things by the boys.

We then headed over to the Africa Hall in search of the penguins. (yes, they were in the African Hall and not the aquarium. They were African penguins, which Vinnie seemed to know all about and was excited to see)

We happened to get there just in time for the penguin feeding session. The boys were sitting up front with all the kids, while I was off to the side. When it was over everyone got up and started walking away. This is what was left behind:

Christopher had passed out at some point during the presentation and was sound asleep on the floor.

Now that is what I call a perfect end to the day!


cardiogirl said...

I love that first picture where Christopher is hugging Zach's leg. He (Christopher) certainly has a way of stealing the limelight -- just like a good last born should.

Suzanne said...

And I love the youngest to oldest picture of them looking over the edge. It looks like it happened so naturally.

Katie said...

Sounds pretty cool. I can't believe Christopher just fell asleep! Kaylee would never fall asleep...she might be a miserable tired cranky monster, but she'd never fall asleep. ;)