Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hot dogs and baseball

Sunday was the famous "Hot Dog Game" between Zachary's team, the Pirates, and the Giants. Apparently, for the last several years, the coaches of these 2 teams get together for a fun Sunday afternoon game followed by a big hot hog BBQ, and LOTS of margaritas.

Talk about a fun time! The weather was amazing on Sunday. While the boys played, the coaches, umps and parents started downing the margaritas and beer.

Since the game was just for fun, kids got put in different positions than they would normally play. Much to our surprise, Zach even pitched for an inning! And an even bigger surprise was how well he did! 2 strike outs and only 1 run scored.

After the game there was tons of good food to eat.

After the BBQ, the boys had a friendly egg toss game (using eggs that had been left out for several days. Blech!) After a few more games it was time to head home and get ready for the upcoming week.

Good times!

Go Pirates!

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Suzanne said...

looks like loads of fun!