Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Meltdown Update

Well, after last weeks epic meltdown I thought I ought to at least report back. As you can see, I survived. It wasn't pretty, but the things that needed to get done, did. Pete and I sat down, planned and scheduled what we (the kids) had to do , when and just ploughed through with a minimum of tears.

First up was Joey's ancestor report. We did Italy/Pete's family for Zach's report a few years ago so went with Mexico/my ancestors for Joey's. (Yes, I was tempted to reuse Zachary's report, just in case you were wondering!)

The "suitcase" above was filled with facts about our family and Mexico.

I really was planning on just whipping out your basic cupcakes with sprinkles for Joey's baseball party on Sunday (I can't bring myself to use store bought). I found myself with a smidge of free time after the little ones went to bed on Saturday night so decided to try something with my fondant.

I wasn't especially happy with how they turned out, but figured they would do.

On Saturday, between baseball game number 2 and 3, Zach and Pete built his catapult out of a mouse trap and spoon and did the experiment (which flings further? A mini marshmallow or jumbo one?)

On Sunday morning Joey had another baseball game, so Zach and I skipped that and stayed home alone to power through the rest of his science experiment.

We had some nice together time and finished it with time to join Pete and the boys for the baseball swim party.

It was nice to sit in the sun and relax, knowing the last of the school projects was done!

The boys all had a great time swimming.

And Christopher ate a hot dog bigger than his arm.

And Joey's missing class book?

I found it just today, hidden in one of our book shelves. No one can recall putting it there, so I guess it walked on it's own.

(Vinnie lost his first tooth on Tuesday. It has nothing to do with this post, but had to share!)

Three and a half more days of school and counting! Let's hope the last day of school has a little less drama than the first!


Suzanne said...

What a wonderful way to follow up! You helped me a lot with that post. It's ok for me to be human and make mistakes AND even better, I am learning when to say uncle.

Hope the Tooth Fairy brings some good loot!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on another job well done!! Getting through another school year with 4 boys is a feat in itself. The cupcakes looked great. I would have eaten one...or maybe two. Is that your pool? It is beautiful. I am so proud to be part of your staff and share in your life stories with your Boys. You are so funny - I love it. See you soon. Laura

Anonymous said...

Custom makes all things easy~~加油哦.............................................

Katie said...

Sounds like everything turned out great! And those cupcakes look awesome...I can't imagine making something that looks remotely nice. I have to make everything from scratch b/c of Kaylee's soy issue, but it's never pretty. Everything usually tastes good though, so I'm okay with that. Also, loved the pics! That pool looks so inviting!