Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Question Authority

Several months ago the boys (well, mostly Zachary), came home from school complaining that they were no longer allowed to play touch football at recess. Seems some kid hit his head on the ground. Not hard enough that he was knocked out, but hard enough to require a visit to his doctor. Football was then deemed too unsafe to play.

Zach brought it up from time to time, usually when we were at the dinner table, talking about our days. While Pete and I did not agree with the decision, we told Zach he needed to respect the principal's rules.

Finally one night I told Zachary that if he didn't like the rule then he could try and change it. We talked about the legal way of working to change a law. We decided to write up a petition, get signatures from kids at school and present it to the principal.

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I was very proud of the boys, especially Zachary. For him this was really stepping outside of his comfort zone. He was concerned that he would get in trouble. We had to assure him that we would take any heat from it.

Pete went with the boys to bring it to Mrs. Spencer. She was a bit surprised and said she would think about it. We weren't very hopeful.

She then approached Zach a few days later and told him she would allow it for 2 weeks on a trial basis, and re-evaluate after that. As suggested in our petition, they are using flags for flag football. Happily it has been going well and the boys have been allowed to play for the remainder of the school year.

Pete and I were approached by the principal on Open House night. She brought up the petition and told us how impressed by it she was, and what a great lesson in civics it was for the boys.

Being allowed to play football will be Zach's legacy at Graystone as he finishes his elementary school career this week.

**edited to add--Pete just read this post and is a bit offended. He would like it known that the petition was partly his idea as well. Duly noted. He is concerned that my blog makes him look like a dead beat dad. I told him he was welcome to write his own blog.**


Suzanne said...

Way to go! I loved the letter and the lessons that accompanied it.

Ash said...

Seriously, I got teary over this. Way to teach the boys how to take the bull by the horns, but still respect the chain of command and the powers that be.

If you ain't part of the solution, you're part of the problem :-)

cardiogirl said...

As the others said, great way to show your kids how things work and how to respectfully challenge authority.

Well done.

p.s. What does F.A.A.P. mean?

Andrea said...

I LOVE this! I agree what a great lesson to teach the kids and I'm glad that the principal agreed for the trial run;) It was done in a very respectful manner as well.