Sunday, June 6, 2010


For the Contini's, summer is officially here! The flurry of end of the school year/sports activities has come to a close today.

The week started with Vinnie's end of the year recital.

It was filled with an adorable mix of summer/school/Dad's day songs.

Vinnie and Alle, (my future daughter-in-law as the two of them insist they will marry some day) looked as cute as can be after the program.

Shortly after Vinnie's program I headed over to Joey's 2nd grade class party at the park, where there was lots of food, games, and prizes.

Hayden, Corey, Dustin and Joey ~ The Four Muskateers!

Thursday was the last day of school, and for Zachary, the last day of elementary school!

He was finally given the cell phone he has been wanting for a couple of years. I have to say that he showed more excitement for that gift than I have EVER seen him show! I admit, I really didn't think he would use it very much, but I wanted to be able to get a hold of him when he is off doing his own thing.

Saturday started with Vinnie's last game of the season. The kids got to play on the "big field" that the AA boys use. They were so excited!

After Vinnie's game we headed over to Zach's game. This was it, the big championship game. Unfortunately, they lost. I was heart broken for them. In fact, I think I took it harder than Zach. They played hard and well, but it was just one of those games where they couldn't catch a break.

After Zach's game we had his end of the year baseball party at his coach's house.

The boys had a blast swimming.

Much to my surprise the coach's presented me with some gifts for being team mom. I got a sports chair to use in the bleachers, a nice bottle of wine, flowers, and a gift card! I was a bit embarrassed as I did not think I did that much.

Coach Mike had such nice things to say about Zach that Pete and I actually got a bit teary. What a great season we had.

Today we had Vinnie's baseball party at our house. Like last year, we hired a life guard to keep an eye on the pool.

Finally, the moment Vinnie has been waiting for all season. Trophy time! He did great this season, and improved a lot, but for him it is still all about the snacks and the trophy. With this party behind us, we are now officially done with baseball season. Welcome back weekends!

After the party, as Pete and I were crashed out on the couch, we were laughing at how often Zach's cell phone was going off. Not phone calls, but non stop texting. Much to my surprise I have been hearing his text beep going off constantly. All. Weekend. Long. Who is he texting?! The kid never talks on the phone to friends, so why is he suddenly overflowing with things to say?! I turned to Pete and jokingly said we better check and see how many texts he has used so we aren't shocked with a big bill. (We chose a texting plan for him with 250 texts a month) Pete got online, and much to our surprise he was up to 210 texts! In 2 1/2 days!!! WTF?! Pete hurriedly called Verizon and changed the plan to unlimited texting, effective immediately. Phew! He was on a pace to hit 2,520 texts this month. At 5 cents per text overage we were looking at an extra $126. Unbelievable.

Bye-bye school and baseball!


Suzanne said...

I'm laughing at Zach's texting habit. It doesn't take long, does it?

Welcome to the lazy days of summer, although in your family I'm sure there is always a fair amount of busyness that takes place. Speaking of which, how many boys are going o camp this year?

You DO do a lot for the team. I'm glad it was noticed and recognized.

Ash said...

That little sassy minx Alle - Vinnie has incredible taste.

I see very good looking grandchildren in your far, far, far off future.

250 texts? I'd say that was optimistic - good catch.

Happy Summer!!!!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you monitor phone minutes too during peak time, especially if any of his friends don't have Verizon. And it might not be a bad idea to put a block on downloading and data if the phone has the capability. Games and music are expensive!