Friday, August 27, 2010

First...and last

This has been a momentous week--Christopher started preschool! I am not sure who was more excited--me or Chris!

His schedule is MWF afternoons. Monday was only an hour and the parents stayed. They did a couple of projects, then had circle time.

At one point during circle time they were singing a song that several of the kids knew, but Christopher did not. He kept looking back at me, and I could tell he was a little upset. Finally he yelled out "Why can't I go to school with my brothers?!" I nearly busted out laughing. Poor kid.

Wednesday was his first "real" day. On the way he kept balling up his fists and exclaiming "I am so excited!"

The other boys all came with me to pick him up. They hugged him and oohed and ahhed over him. As we were heading out for our celebratory yogurt stop Christopher told us about his day. When I asked him about the other kids he exclaimed "There was lots of friends, all for me!"

My youngest child is now in preschool. This will be the last time I experience this "first". I suppose I should be a little melancholy about the entire event, but I honestly am not. Christopher is so happy to finally have "school" to share with his brothers. And you know what I have realized over the years? While I will never have this "first" to experience, I have so many new "firsts" ahead of me. I can't wait!


MotheringBoys said...

Oh, how I know how you feel! Our boys are growing up so quickly and we still have many things to experience with them, many times over. :)

cardiogirl said...

Man, I am right there with you. I love leaving those firsts behind. My youngest is going to Kindergarten this year. All. Day. Long.

She's jacked and I'm jacked. It's definitely a win-win.

We also hit a new milestone this week. I finally removed the childproof lock on the silverware drawer. And all of us keep opening the drawer slowly to depress the missing latch.

I wonder how long it will take to remember it opens freely now.

Suzanne said...

Boy, oh boy! Look at that proud face. Not only is it wonderful that Chris started preschool, it's awesome that his big brothers doted on him so tenderly.

Anonymous said...

I'm am teary eyed, this is my baby grandson and my last grandchild. I am sad not to have anymore babies to hold. They all have grown so fast too fast for me. Easy for me to say I am not doing all the work. Love Mom

Michelle said...

Cgirl--they just changed to all day kinder at our school. 1 year too late for Vinnie. I am all about the all day kinder!

Suzie--the big boys did get a talking too before hand and they were encouraged to be supportive or they would not be partaking in the yogurt!