Wednesday, October 20, 2010


A couple of months ago Pete and I got to talking about Legoland. We have been a couple of times, most recently when Vinnie was an infant. Obviously Vinnie doesn't remember it, and Christopher wasn't even born. The problem is, Zachary is getting too old for it and we couldn't figure out when we would go anyway. You know, the usual conflict with having kids spread across different age groups.

But who says we all have to go? So I planned a short trip down to SoCal with Vinnie and Christopher. I pulled Vinnie out of school for a couple of days so we could go midweek. We had a blast!

It was pretty empty most of the day. Christopher was the only kid driving the cars! He was very proud of his drivers license and carried it all day.

Vinnie got to drive on the big kid roads. He took it very seriously!

Vinnie's favorite area was Mini town, with the replicas of several cities. Las Vegas was amazing! Can you believe that is built with lego's? I can't even imagine being the team that put these things together!

Of course my favorite was San Francisco. I actually lived 1 block away from the famous "painted ladies" when I lived in San Francisco (well, one of the many places I lived in during my years there).

There were several new areas to Legoland since my last trip. This airplane ride had Vinnie and Christopher screaming with laughter. There was no line so the ride operator let them ride 3 times in a row.

We enjoyed the 4-D movie. What is 4-D you ask? There was blowing wind, spraying water, and falling "ice" during the show. Fun stuff! Of course Grandma Liz came with us.

Don't tell Pete but I spent a ridiculous amount of money to have their caricatures done.

They made them look like little lego people! It was worth it, right?

Darth Vader is always a classic.

The day got a big thumbs up from all of us!

The very best part? Two wiped out kids at the end of the day!

The following day I had a wonderful 9.5 mile run along the beach in Huntington Beach. I was entertained by all the surfers and a huge school of dolphins along the way! Later we went to Balboa Island for lunch before heading to the airport. Here we are with my mom's friend Darryl. He is a nice guy (and the closet thing my kids have to a grandpa). He looks cranky in this picture though!

Great trip with two of my favorite little guys, Vinnie and Christopher!


Suzanne said...

Legoland, California! (My kids say the name in one breath.) Your post brought back great memories. I'm glad you got to have a double date with two of the cutest guys ever.

cardiogirl said...

I actually had to Google painted ladies since I had no idea what you were talking about. (Hello, rock? This is Cardiogirl.)

That trip looks like so much fun. I love the expressions on their faces while riding the airplanes.

I also love the fact that you busted Vinnie out of school in the middle of the week for this trip. As my middle kid would say, "You're the best mom *ever!*"