Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween is over, which definitely puts me in Christmas panic mode. Yikes! I am still grappling with the fact that summer is over. Here is a peek at our Halloween treats this year.
Christopher's preschool had a "Noah's Ark" parade. While this is a cute idea, it sent us scrambling for an animal costume. Christopher wanted to be a ghost for Halloween, so that was what I was counting on. Several people offered up animal costumes, but then couldn't find them. We did have a dinosaur costume, but wasn't sure when dinosaurs were on the timeline with the Ark. We finally went with the above Winnie the Pooh costume. Was Pooh on the ark? Maybe not, but we figured his ancestors were, right?

As you can see above, apparently there were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the Ark! Maybe that was who kept all the animals in line all those days trapped on a boat. To the right of Christopher is his little buddy Aaron. They hit it off from the first day and are quite a pair. As luck would have it, he only lives 1 block away from us!

Saturday night was the Halloween party at the Saratoga Country Club that we are invited to every year by my sister-in-law. My favorite costume of the boys' this year? Zachary's, hands down. I swear he looked just like Where's Waldo!

Here we are heading in to the party. Can you guess what Pete and I are? Yep! The rescued Chilean miners. That was Pete's brilliant idea 1 hour before party time.

Zachary dancing to YMCA with Aunt Lisa.

I decided to skip pumpkins this year. With our crazy sports schedule there just wasn't time to buy them. When Vinnie heard this on Saturday he was crushed. He looked at us with his enormous weepy eyes and stated that we just had to have pumpkins. Sigh. No problem Pete said, we will run over to Safeway after Zachary's football game on Sunday to buy them, then carve them up quickly before the trick or treating began.

Of course when Vinnie and I arrived at Safeway the pumpkin bin was empty. Not one. Off to a pumpkin patch we went, where we (thank God) found some pumpkins. I was also surprised to find many other people buying last minute pumpkins. Of course they didn't have any gourds, so Vinnie and I went back to Safeway, because he really wanted to have his pumpkin eating the gourd (you can see it in the picture 2 above). I loved our SF Giants pumpkin. I decided it was good luck since they won last night, so I will be lighting it again tonight!

Finally, several friends and neighbors came over and off they went trick or treating.

Now how can I stop myself from eating all the freakin' candy in the house??!!


Anonymous said...

The boys look so cute and yes Zach looks just like Waldo. Where did you and Pete find hard hats at the last minute?

cardiogirl said...

I cannot believe that interlocked S and F was a last-minute carving job. WOW!

I'm struggling with not inhaling the Halloween candy as well. Curse that chocolate!

Suzanne said...

You guys had great costumes--especially the last minute miners. Congrats to you and your Giants! You did a great job on that pumpkin. Hope to talk to you soon!