Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday!

I couldn't have asked for a better mom growing up. My sister and I were lucky to have her at home when we were kids. I remember that she insisted we have a hot breakfast before school every day. Of course as a kid I just wanted a bowl of Apple Jacks, but as an adult I can appreciate the work that must have been for her! She was always there after school, waiting for us with a snack ready.

I owe my fabulous laundry folding skills to her. I know that sounds funny, but she is meticulous, leaving the clothes looking like they have been ironed they are so neat! To this day I still can not fold a fitted sheet like she does. And gift wrapping? She is the best!

I do not remember that parents spent as much time in the classroom as they do today, but I always remember that she was involved with my classes, usually the class mom. That meant a lot to me, and motivates me to help out in my boys' classrooms whenever I can. She was my Brownie troop leader one year, and was at every softball, soccer and every other game we were in. She was always there. In fact, she still is. Even though we live over 400 miles away, she is an active part of our lives, frequently visiting or joining us on vacations. The boys adore their "Grandma Liz".

She is my "go-to-gal", whenever I have a question-- I still have to call her every Easter to ask how to boil an egg properly. When I venture in to carnivore territory and want to cook my husband some meat I have to call her to ask what kind of roast to buy (and how the heck do I cook it??) I still can't buy a bra without her (Thank God I don't have girls myself. Who would help them?? )

Mom, you have always been there for me and us. You are an inspiration to me as a mom, and a women. And you are gorgeous! I can only hope to look like you when I am your age. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. We love you!! Happy Birthday!!

(sorry I didn't get a card in the mail to you on time...)


Anonymous said...

Thank you honey very touching you made me cry. I have to say you and your sister were so easy in your young years. I love you very much and as I've always said you and Peter beat me hands down in the parent department; your boys will have wonderful memories

Suzanne said...

And I can vouch for the fact that she is a very good surrogate mom as well. Happy Birthday, Liz. You have always made me feel like I was one of your girls. xo

PS. Michelle forgot to mention that you have a "degree" in animal print identification and fabulous fashion sense.