Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Joey!!

Today is Joey's ninth birthday!!

Joey had quite a year. Here are the top eight highlights of his eighth year.

1. He received his first Communion.

2. He went to camp for the second year. This year he stayed for 2 weeks like his big brother Zachary.

3. In the Fall he played flag football for the first time. He did great, getting 2 interceptions in his very first game!

4. He also played Fall baseball. Although he was the smallest on the team, he did well, even getting to pitch at times.

5. We went to Disneyland in October. Joey really stepped out of his comfort zone and went with me on the Tower of Terror. Pete wouldn't even do it!

6. Once again he tore up the slopes of Deer Valley, even hitting a few black diamonds with his big brother Zachary.

7. He was drafted to a triple A team this year, making him one of the younger (and smaller!) kids in this division. He hasn't let any of that intimidate him though and has already had some great hits!

8. He was the most amazing son a parent could ask for! (Ok, maybe this was a highlight for me, but it is true!)

Happy birthday Joey!! You are the bomb!!

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Suzanne said...

Joey, you are obviously a shining star, much more the apple of your mom's eye. You are the whole fruit salad. Happy 9th birthday!