Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Fun!

Easter weekend was really hoppin' at the Contini house! We had the usual battery of baseball games, followed by Easter activities.

We had lots of fun dying Easter eggs. I don't recommend the marble dye package. What an oily mess that was!

The Easter bunny left her usual trail of jelly beans to the Easter baskets. As you can see above, she was short a basket bag.

The baskets were filled with new bathing suits, a DVD for each boy, and candy. The above shows some of the cute things the bunny did with the candy this year.

I made cupcakes for Easter brunch. The eyes and nose are mini M&M's, the ears are marshmallows, and the whiskers are twizzlers. Fun and easy to make!

After Mass we headed over to Pete's mom's house for the family Easter celebration.

First was the traditional "little kids" hunt. This is for the 9 and under bunch.

The kids run like crazy grabbing all the eggs they can!

Christopher showing off his loot!

Joey with his toys and candy.

Then the backyard was "reloaded" for the big kids. I use the term loosely, as you can see from the size of the kids above! I love the fact that these guys still love to do the hunt.

Of course they are probably motivated by the fact that their eggs contain money along with candy.

Zach's take was $20 this year. Not bad!

After a delicious lunch, the kids spent the day in the pool. The day started off pretty gloomy, so I didn't give much thought to sunscreen. A couple hours later it hit me that it was pretty sunny out, so called the kids out for sunscreen. Too late. Everyone got fried. Yikes. Other than that, it was a wonderful day spent with family! How was your day?

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Suzanne said...

Gosh, you really packed it in. I always love your family traditions especially the egg hunt. We are so behind on everything right now that we still haven't dyed the eggs yet. Yes, I know Easter was a week ago but colored eggs are always fun. I think it'll be something we do after my parents leave to get over the post-visit blues. :-) Or maybe we won't.